What is CannaSold?

CannaSold was started as a marketplace for cannabis entrepreneurs to meet each other and raise capital or invest in businesses.  It has turned into a vehicle for business owners to sell their business or find additional resources for growing their business, and for a place for investors to complete their due diligence when purchasing a business.

How do I know what my business is worth?

We provide Business Valuation Services, and can show you what other businesses have sold for.  If you would like an evaluation of your business, please Contact Us.

I want to know more about a business or service.

There is a message box on every listing where you can make inquiries. We encourage you to register on our website and use the internal messaging system so you can discuss business opportunities.

How do I post?

Posting is easy - login or register on our website if you haven't and find the + Business button on the website's header and/or footer. On the Post New Listing page, fill all the fields and upload a photo of your business/license and hit the submit button. One of our administrators will review your listing and will approve it, if it passes all of our Terms of Service. An email notification will be sent to you once your listing is Live on the website.

How to get Youtube and Vimeo's video ID?

Checkout the screenshot below. The ones highlighted on gray is your video ID.

Is this Free?

The site free for anyone to use, post, and view.  We offer premium listings or featured listings to keep your business on the top of and on some important sections on our website. 

Are the businesses real?

If you see a ‘Verified Business’, then you can be sure that the business is real - the owner has been vetted by our staff, and the information is correct.  Other listings are all input from people and companies that operate in the cannabis market, and they are screened before they go live on our website.

Can I purchase a business using the site?

No, but we do provide the resources for you to contact in order to complete a transaction.  You will need an attorney and contracts that comply with the laws and regulations in the state or country that the business is located.  If you require assistance, we do provide consultations for accredited investors.

Something doesn't work on the site?

Please let us know.