CannaSold - Cash-Out Of Your Cannabis Business

CannaSold is connecting cannabis business owners with investors throughout the world!

SAN DIEGO - Aug. 29, 2018 - CannaSold, the world's largest cannabis business marketplace, is launching it's newest website at, allowing cannabis business owners to connect with investors.  Created by a group of cannabis professionals whose objective was to sell their retail dispensaries, cultivations, and licenses for marijuana distribution and delivery throughout California, this site offers everything that a business owner looking to sell their business would want - the ability to find an investor or publicly traded company willing to purchase a cannabis business for the highest possible price!

It quickly became evident while marketing our cannabis businesses, there are a lot of pretenders that offer exorbitant values, but cannot deliver a closed sale.  Our operations were valued at $25,000,000 by several publicly traded companies in Canada, and we entered into a buy/sell agreement with a company that took 90 days to complete their due diligence, and never closed.  During that process, we were approached by 6 other companies that offered to purchase our company's assets, and later entered into agreement with a second publicly traded company that closed in 30-days for $26,000,000 in certified funds that were wired directly into our account.

We now have a database of over 1,000 accredited investors and publicly traded companies whose goal is to invest or purchase a cannabis business.  Most of these investors are not located in the United States, where the financial markets are still reluctant to trade anything marijuana related.  That opens up a huge opportunity to corporations in Canada and Europe that are acquiring companies for record valuations.  "Retail operations in California are new selling for up to 2x gross sales, and there is very little focus on profitability," based on several retail investors sentiments who acquire cannabis business for publicly traded Canadian companies, such as MedMen Enterprises Inc. and Canopy Growth Corporation, whose market capitalization is over $13 billion.

CannaSold's marketplace offers a place for business owners, or certified business brokers, to market their businesses for investment opportunities or sale.  The site also offers a place for businesses to market and sell services related to cannabis.  There are paid marketing and advertising services available, including the ability to broker your cannabis business to the highest potential buyer. When handling a multi-million dollar sale of a business, it's important to understand the laws and regulations in each country, state, and city - CannaSold has compiled the best attorneys that help businesses and investor navigate the ever-changing legal challenges related to cannabis.  CannaSold only works with licensed and legally operating businesses, and fully-vetted accredited investors and companies.

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